Nutritional and dietary supplements are used to combat specific deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in the body. The main causes for our body to become deficient is our age, environmental factors, our diet and even the soil where our food is being grown.

At Ageing Solutions we work with our compounding pharmacies to develop products that are tailored to individuals. In most cases we are able to run pathology tests to ascertain deficiencies. We are all built differently and getting nutritional supplementation off the pharmacy shelf just does not offer the same individual results as a tailored supplementation regime can offer.

Our nutritional supplements are made from the purist form of pharmaceutical quality ingredients and manufactured in quality controlled labs here in Australia.

We also manufacture a wide variety of supplements that are used in our health and fitness programs. These supplements become a part of the protocols for the program such as our weight loss program “KetoMed RX” and our hair loss program “ReGrow RX” to name a few.

We currently stock a wide range of medication and supplementation such as protein powders, standard vitamins and minerals, ketones, pre-work out formulations, nootropics plus male & female mineral combinations. These supplements all complement our tailored approach to treating all clients as individuals and ensuring you are taking the correct products at the correct doses always.

Our nutritional supplement range is growing fast and we hope to be adding many more new products and programs over the next 12 months, watch this space!

We want to provide the right Solution for you!


Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.