1. Register

Go to www.ageingsolutions.com.au/register and click “Register”

  1. Complete our Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out our two-minute medical questionnaire, ensuring you include any prior and current medical conditions, surgeries, and medications.

  1. Place an Order

Once you’ve placed an order you’ll be given the option to pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. If you opt for Bank Transfer, please send through a copy of the transaction receipt at admin@ageingsolutions.com.au for our records. Please note your order will not be scripted until payment has been received.

Once your order has been processed you will receive email updates on your Order Status.

  1. Doctor Review & Script Dispatched

Our Physician will review your medical questionnaire to determine your eligibility for your desired products, either Peptides, or Compounded Products. If approved, the physician will write a prescription and send it directly to the Pharmacy.

You will than receive an email from the physician regarding your dosing instructions.
*If you are not approved your physician will contact you directly.

  1. Pharmacy Compounds & Ships Order

Once the Pharmacy has received your prescription, it will compound your order and dispatch it directly to you. The pharmacy will ship your order via Australian Express Post, TNT, or Toll. You will receive email confirmation and your tracking information.

*Please note that if you are ordering multiple products, for example Peptides and a Compounded Product, you will be receiving your order from two different locations. Please allow 1-3 business days different for postage of your products, we always ensure to keep this time difference to a minimum but sometimes it is unavoidable.

  1. Receive Order

Your order, if peptides, will be delivered to you in a small non-branded esky, cold packed with your product labeled to you, dosing card information, and syringes for injectable products. If you are ordering compounded products it will come in a small white postage box, with your product, and dosing instructions.


Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.