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Support your Health and Fitness goals with our Medically Developed Peptide Programs 

Peptide supplementation has fast become a common trend in sports medicine and anti-medicine. The science and understanding behind Peptide Supplementation has improved significantly in the last half a decade. Over the past 6 years our Doctors and Pharmacists have also been developing dosing strategies to get the absolute best out of each particular Peptide.

As most Peptides have a very short half-life the time of dosing is extremely important, therefore we provide you with such regimented dosing schedules that have been developed by our highly experienced scientific and medical teams. The medical team has also developed specific combinations of Peptides that work synergistically to reach different health goals easy.

With so many Peptide products available its often very confusing as to what Peptide’s to combine to reach a certain health benefit. That’s why our dedicated team has taken the guess work out of the ordering process and developed our very first Peptide Program!

Our Peptide Programs are developed with specific health goals in mind and use a combination of prescribed Peptides, Vitamins/Minerals, Supplements and Probiotics. The products we have sourced outside of prescribed Peptides are of the highest quality Australian developed vitamins/minerals and probiotics from Medlab who only supply medical clinics and practitioners. These are not over the counter products. The medical research gone into these products are second to none. The supplements we use are from only the finest Australian brands that also have the research and data to support their products promises.

We are dedicated to developing programs and protocols for a wide range of health goals and complications to reach your goals faster.


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Have you been wanting to take your training to the next level but can’t find the strength or energy to do it?

Support every part of your body with our newest Medically Developed Peptide Programs.

Our Medical Director and Head Pharmacist have developed our newest programs that will help to support your existing training program, or help kick start you towards your goals.

Using a range of supplements and schedule 4 medications we are developing programs that will work synergistically together to achieve the end goal. Peptide programs are designed around the key area the specific Peptide is recommended for and the support minerals, vitamins and supplements are all added to the program as support. An emphasis on gut health with key probiotics from leading Australian pharmaceutical company Medlab Pty Ltd also ensure we are protecting the gut and restoring cellular support.

Over the next months we will envisage to release new and improved programs using only the best quality medications and supplements available in Australia.

Our Programs:


Muscle Development Program – 8 Weeks

Our Muscle Development Program has been designed to help support muscle recovery after exercise, increase muscle function, help restore testosterone levels, increase your own production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels, and improve overall physical performance.

The program has been scientifically developed and compounded to make use of both scripted Peptides and Australian made Supplements.

The Repair Program_Skincare

The Repair Program

Whether you’re struggling with a new or old injury the recovery process can be a frustrating one. There are many products on the market that can help with regenerating muscle and cell function after an injury, but how do you know what’s right?

We have taken the guess work out of it and created a Repair Program that targets Tendon-to-Bone Injuries as well as promoting superior gut health to help you get back to your daily life after an injury.


Peptide Programs in Development:

  • Weight Loss / Fat Reduction Program

  • Enhanced Cognitive ​Performance Program

  • Stress / Anxiety Management Program

  • Improved Sleep Program

  • Fight Fatigue Program

  • Anti Ageing and Vitality Program

  • Increased Sex Drive Program (Men & Women)