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Our site, Ageing Solutions, provides information to Australia and frequently updates information to our users with new products and research that becomes available. We only provide services within Australia. Ageing Solutions reserves the right to refuse the supply of products to individuals or geographic location outside our scope.

Compounding Pharmacies

Ageing Solutions use Como Compounding Pharmacy and My Skin Pharmacy to compound their prescription products. Please access their pharmacy certificates by clicking on their name. Ageing Solutions also works with doctors who facilitate prescriptions and take full responsibility for this process.

Usage Restrictions

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Please refer to this link, How to Order, on our website to review our ordering process

Sale of Products

To be eligible to purchase products on this website, under Australian law you must be the owner of a valid debit or credit card, be the purchaser of the goods and have on record a valid prescription from one of our Registered Medical Physicians from our company. If you would like to know more about our ordering process, please click here on How to Order.

Once your product has been delivered at your address, you are held liable for these goods. There are no warranties included in your purchase at Ageing Solutions. Should your product break, be stored incorrectly, or choose not to use the products ordered in a timely manner Ageing Solutions is not deemed responsible.


Products that are available on our site are subject to availability and price changes by suppliers and are updated with out notification.

Personal Use

The products that are prescribed to you from our website are for your personal use only. You may not share, sell, or resell any products received from us.

Future Products & Information

Here at Ageing Solutions we are continuously researching and providing our patients with new products and updated information. Clinical research of products is evolving with new potential benefits and previous information that was available may be subject to change. The team of Health Care Professionals at Ageing Solutions may not be able to accurately predict individual results or performance due to the above factors and cannot be held liable. Individual results of the available products will vary per person.

User & Consumer Engagement

Ageing Solutions monitors all communications that are trafficked through out the site and on social media. We have the discretion to remove any content that is viewed repugnant, invasion of privacy, threatening, defamatory, or illegal from public viewing. Additionally, Ageing Solutions reserves the right to block or remove individuals from any communications from our company if any of the above is violated.