Terms of Use

Ageing Solutions is owned and operated by Cosmetics to U Pty Ltd (Trading as Ageing Solutions). Our website, www.ageingsolutions.com.au frequently updates with new products and new information. We only provide services within Australia and New Zealand. Ageing Solutions reserves the right to refuse the supply of products to individuals for medical or geographic reasons.


Usage Restrictions

By accessing the Ageing Solutions website, you agree to solely use it for your personal non-commercial use, not violate website security, and will abide by the Terms and Conditions of Ageing Solutions. Registering on the Ageing Solutions site does not promote or obligate you to purchase or use our services on the website.


Sale of Products

Under Australian law, to be eligible to be prescribed and purchase products from Ageing Solutions, you must first register and complete our confidential medical questionnaire to become a patient. To order you must be over 18, the owner of a valid debit or credit card, be the purchaser of the goods and have on record a valid prescription from one of our registered physicians (which we will provide included in the price of the goods).

Once your product has been delivered to your address, you are responsible for these goods. Ageing Solutions is not responsible should your product break, be stored incorrectly, or not used within the expiry date. 


Fraudulent Information

By registering with us at Ageing Solutions, you agree to provide the most  truthful and up to date information. If you choose to falsify any personal information (including your identity) on your account you are committing fraud and can be subject to legal action. 


Availability & Price Disclaimer

Products that are available on our site are subject to availability. We reserve the right to adjust price or availability without notice.


Personal Use

The products that are prescribed to you from our website are for your personal use only. It is illegal for you to share or resell any products purchased from us.


Individual Results

Members of our Medical Team are not able to accurately predict individual results or performance and therefore cannot be held liable. Individual results of the available products will vary.


User & Consumer Engagement

Ageing Solutions monitors all communications throughout the site and on social media. We retain the right to remove any content that is viewed as inappropriate, invasion of privacy, threatening, defamatory, or illegal. Additionally, Ageing Solutions reserves the right to block or remove individuals from any communications from our company if any of the above are deemed to be violated.