Common Misconceptions surrounding Peptide’s

1. Are peptides illegal in Australia?

Short answer; peptides in Australia ARE legal. However, there purchasing process in Australia follow’s very strict guidelines. This is to help control the number of people purchasing illegally obtained peptides from disreputable facilities on the internet.

As peptides are a schedule 4 medication to obtain Peptides for your own personal use they MUST be prescribed by a Medical Doctor and MUST be compounded by a Registered Compounding Pharmacy in Australia. The raw materials must also have been obtained from a TGA approved facility.

Peptides in sport is another matter entirely. In some professional sports, especially those governed by higher bodies for example ASSADA, the use of Peptides in sport is prohibited. If you are not participating in any professional sport that has banned the substance you are free to take peptides. There are also some professions that have banned the use of peptides, so check with your superiors if it is a prohibited medication.

2. Are peptides the same as steroids/hormones?

Both peptides and hormones are naturally occurring substances in the body, however, regardless of what has been said in the media or what you may have heard on the field peptides are NOT steroids. The way that peptides work is that the receptor (peptide) attaches itself on the cells surface and works as a secondary messenger to the inside cell, it manipulates the enzymes and helps with different functions. Whereas, steroids go into the cell itself and changes the transcript and translation of the cell thus creating new proteins inside. Therefore, steroids are typically known for their side effects, especially hormonal changes.

3. Are peptides a ‘Magic Pill’?

Peptides are NOT a magic pill. They work concurrently with the way you train and most importantly the way you eat. Peptides works in a cascading effect, for example, the CJC1295 + Ipamorelin works to increase your body’s natural growth hormone by ten-fold, the side effects of this increase is your ability to recover quicker from a work out, have more energy, sleep better, and improves your overall cognitive function. The results of these benefits is your ability to train harder, and more frequently and enables you to build lean muscle and loose any fat storages.

4. Do I have to inject?

Short answer is NO, not all peptides are injections. Most peptides come in either an injectable or cream form and some even in capsules. It depends on your reason for taking peptides and your desired goal as to whether you inject or not. When you inject peptides, you know you are getting 100% of the product, and that your body is systematically absorbing it, as your injecting directly into the layer of fat on your abdomen. However, the creams also deliver a high rate of absorbency. With the standard creams, there is on average a 90-90% absorption rate: depending on the individual. While the forte products have a 95-98% absorption rate due to the higher potency of the product.

5. Peptides are only for bodybuilders?

NO. Peptides can help in a variety of different ways, from improving your sleep to helping with skin elasticity and even improved sex drive. Their benefits are not reserved solely for those who are after results in the gym! We have a variety of different products that help with different functions, these are some of the areas our peptides can help with!

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